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A Model Formula

Girls Barcode - B S K

At my investment bank, I am surrounded by the perfectly matched combination of models and 'modelizers'. And while the second was an established City stereotype, the first was a more modern phenomenon, ushered in with the Long-Term Capital crew circa 1995.

The Option to be a Woman

Pills - Caroline Hoos

There exists an invisible boundary within world of investment banking between the number of women above and below one magic age: 30.

Left in the Wake of Lehman

Ferrari Day - Anton Raath

“The City is full of fluff. Layoffs are long overdue - they’re all overpaid, and under-talented.” Harsh words echoed from a hard-hitting Lehman MD I dated several months back.

S.x and My City

City of London - Agata Urbaniak

I may alienate my girl readership when I say this, but I’m going to say it anyway: I am not Carrie Bradshaw.

Life After Redundancy

BlackBerry Key Pad - Mark Iafrate

When you're part of the rat race, you don't realise or even acknowledge that you are. And when working long hours and constantly communicating via Blackberry is the norm, you barely notice that perhaps the rest of the world isn't like that.

Crunch Time for Soul-Searching

P45 Form

When bankers got together they used to talk money, cars and houses. Nowadays, they talk about 'What If' they lost their jobs. Or is it more a matter of 'What When'?

Intern Day: The Crunch on Campus

Campus Photos 1 - Nihan Aydin

When I compare York with the City, I can only find two features to defend York's claim to be one: its impressive Anglo-Saxon cathedral, and its recently opened Vivienne Westwood boutique.

Intern Day: Back 2 Banking

Exchange - Adriano Goncalves

This is the question I am constantly asking myself - and being asked - about my graduate prospects. And I am being continuously reminded about how 'barking mad' I am for seeking a graduate job in investment banking.