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Survival Of The City-est

Darwin - The Hornet Magazine - 1871

From the origins of the Big Bang, the City species has always exhibited a high degree of ruthlessness. But now that the asteroid has officially crashed into our Square Mile, we find ourselves in a kind of Darwinian 'survival of the fittest' mode, an icy marketplace where only the strongest survive.

Job Market Recovery or Dead Cat Bounce?

Window Cat - Ben Nevius

This week an email was followed by a text, which was then succeeded by a phone call, and then promptly followed by yet another text and another email. No - not a personal stalker, the preserve of the rich and famous, but the return of the head hunter.

The Service Genie

Isabelle Lafont

After almost a decade in the City working in the small world of listed derivatives, French-native Isabelle Lafont left her job doing project management at Goldman Sachs and started a business offering not 10, not 20, but 1001services.

Same Job, Different Office

Amirali - Ehsan Namavar

It strikes me that in theory, being a stockbroker should have put me in much better stead for dealing with motherhood than mums-to-be from other career backgrounds. On close examination, there is a disarmingly alarming similarity in the required skill set and a shared goal of keeping the client (substitute baby) happy.