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The City Game of Snakes & Ladders

Snakes & Ladders

There are some days when I want to climb the corporate ladder to success quicker than Brady Dougan, and other days when a snake crosses my path and I become desperate to join my friends for Pimms o’clock. Shame - just when I was doing so well.

Why Thirtysomething Men Have it All

BBQ Letting Off Steam - Christopher Bruno

Life’s not fair, and sometimes its little quirks really rub our faces in it. I’m sitting in the garden, inhaling the scent of neighbouring barbecues, and listening to a male friend rage against the system.

The Recession Diet

Cakes and Pies - Samuel Rosa

Three weeks of feasting on delicious (read: fattening, carb-laden, coconut milk-based) food in Singapore and Penang contributed two kilos of excess body baggage upon my return. This is not a surprise, nor is it unexpected.

Separate Bedrooms: Ruin? Or Just Rest?

Bedroom Bliss - Lotus Head

It’s one of the last secrets to be confessed. Usually only when someone is staring relationship failure in the face will they whisper: "We’re in separate bedrooms". And the response tends to be shocked silence, and acknowledgement that the end really is nigh.

Recession Living: Dumped or Loved Up?

London Evening - Constantin Jurcut

Whilst admittedly some bankers' wives are filing for divorce quicker than Lewis Hamilton can drive, others have adapted to the circumstances. Never before have I seen some of my male counterparts look suicidal, while others have never looked so happy.



The Thinking Man

The Pragmatic Man’s Bucket List

Start 2014 with these 15 ideas, which aren't about traveling, buying, or partying. They're about enjoying life, but in a pragmatic way, which has more to do with learning than anything else.