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Hangover Hell

Wine Bottle - Marcelo Gerpe

The problem with going out and having a good time is that sometimes you have too good a time. And the only thing worse than going to work is going to work hung-over.

A City on Edge

City of London by Agata Urbaniak

This time last year some of us were there. Unaware and unsuspecting, witness to the collapse of Lehman Brothers from within its mighty walls, and the aftermath that ensued.

Groundhog Day: Love It or Leave It

Shadows and Lights - Mirko Delcaldo

In my early years I came to the City as an aspiring banker and earned enough money to buy killer shoes and designer hand bags, and I was content. What better career was there? Back then I was utterly oblivious to a fact that now intrigues me every single day...

If the Lift Had Eyes

Elevator Buttons - David Lat

As I stood in the lift listening to two of the office gossips last week, I tried to keep the smirk off my face. One was revealing the latest office scandal the other was almost peeing herself with excitement. It’s a fact; if the lift had eyes and ears I think we’d all be in trouble.

Keeping Up With the Metrosexuals

Marc Jacobs Range

Probably because I can count the females on my floor with one hand, my attention is focused on the males in the office. And until recently, I thought I took care of myself. Now I find that I am being put to shame every day by the men in the office.

From Investment Bank to the Wizard's Oz

Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz

Until now I have wildly resisted. You can take the make-up and the skirts away but you’ve got to give a girl her shoes. And heels are my thing. But last week I read an article that said “powerful-women wear flat shoes”. Right, I thought, I might give this flat thing a go.

Banks, Bonus Tax & Zen

Business Buddha - Chris Scott

"The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function." - F Scott Fitzgerald




Do 'superfoods' really exist?

From blueberries to nuts and whole grains, antioxidant-rich miracle foods were, we were told a decade ago, the key to combating stress, disease and infection. But, inevitably perhaps, experts' opinions have now shifted to a more complex view