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Moving Tools 1 Rachel Spauldilng

Uncomplicating Your Next House Move

Bonus season and promotions mean, as a general rule, we can upgrade clothes, cars and the biggest investment of all: property. Thanks in part to this annual injection of cash, the average Londoner moves house every three years.

Vitsoe Shelving

If the Shelf Fits...

Decent shelving makes the difference between a cluttered and messy looking house and a perfectly arranged home. And as well as its basic function as a place to put all your stuff, if done well, it can add character and style to a room.

Efficient Dating with Workday Quickies

Sick of Match? You're not alone - although we do love the Cupid & Fate ad campaign. Here's another option: find someone who works near you, then meet up with them this lunchtime - or after work - or, hell, during work (their suggestion, not ours).

Styling a Post-City Life

Is it possible to maintain a fabulous lifestyle while working in the City? Emyr Thomas didn't think so, and left the Square Mile to start Bon Vivant, a lifestyle management and concierge service. He tells us how his new life came about - and where we should really be going for after-work drinks.