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My Boss is a Smurf

Angry Smurf

Every time my boss walks into my office, I feel a little sick. One look at his face and my hands start shaking. My throat tightens and my head feels heavy. "Good morning", I reply to his grunt.

Discovering a Lingering Ex

Mail - iker (

It's not a conversation anyone wants to have - not the person with the complaint, or the person with the ex. But at some point it might be necessary, and the Soul Sister advises on how.

Popping the Question in New York

"Zoe and I are going to NYC and I want to propose. Got any ideas?" So came the question from a life-long friend. Having not lived in NY for almost eight years, I polled my cool NY girlfriends. Here are their good ideas.


The Daily Pill - Jenny Erickson

Applying for your first job is nerve racking. The second time around, you think you've been around the block and know how to play this game.

G20: The Build-Up

Wooden Duck - Fons Reijsbergen

This week sees the G20 bandwagon riding into Toronto, together with fake loons, an armada of police, and a fence going through the middle of downtown. 

When In Doubt, Use Latin

Veni, Vidi, Vici

If in the business world you want to sound like you know what you are doing when you don't, just start using random foreign expressions.



Running Children

Why aren't we exercising?

Lord Coe has warned that 'lazy lifestyles' will reduce the lifespan of our children, after a report found that we are now 24 per cent less active than in 1961. Do you exercise? And if not, why not?