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The return of the pixie crop

When the cover of Vogue and Saturday night primetime TV are united in championing an almost identical New Look, there is no doubt we have a fashion moment on our hands.

Miss Wrong Needs a Fix

Family Constellations Čestmír Štuka

The Soul Sister encounters a woman who has had enough. She's analyzed, considered and tried, but she still goes for the wrong guy. What next?

Less is More


It does not only apply to make up and booze. In the office, I learned that it goes for email correspondence as well. The higher you are in hierarchy, the fewer words you use. At the top of the food chain, everyone seems to be on a text diet.

When only a really sharp pencil will do

Would you pay twelve dollars to get your pencil sharpened? Hand-sharpened, admittedly; lovingly so, and it comes posted back (including overseas) with a certificate, and its own shavings in a bag, and careful little rubber protectors.