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Keep It Cool

In The Tube Emsago Sxc Hu

Should you live in London, you’ll be pleased to know you can actually get slim, toned and rich just by taking public transport.

Beware of the Fake Fitness Prophecy

Work It Out Patti Gray

This week I’m putting down my tofu broth, rolling up my yoga mat, and packing away my shake weights. I'm on a good old-fashioned rant. Fitness fads and phonies, I’m coming for you!

Easter Egg-Stravaganza!

Easter Background 1 Renate Kalloch

With the long Easter weekend coming up, it’s time to have a look at a food that's been around for centuries and has been getting a bad rap for quite some time. I'm talking eggs, and - sorry - not the ones made out of chocolate.

How to Drink and Still Stay Thin

Regent's Park Simon Gurney

In case you live under a rock and failed to notice the masses in the park at the weekend (in addition to the abundance of sunburnt faces on Monday), you may be surprised to learn that the sun is back in London town.

Two City Girls Need You (To Party)

Olivia And Vanessa Ascendance

Vanessa Gerrard (RBC) and Olivia Toye (Monitor Group) are trekking to the top of the three highest mountains in East Africa. But first, they'd like you to trek to the top of Centre Point for ASCENDANCE, a party to help them raise money this Saturday night, 16th April.

Floating My Stress Away

Floatworks Tank

The flower lady was not sure at all when I told her my next stop after Borough Market would be Floatworks, a place just opposite the Menier Chocolate Factory, where people weary from London fog can soak their aching bodies in warm saltwater and soothe the pains away.