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For Sale: NYC's Most Expensive Apartment

City Spire Triplex

In case you missed it (we somehow did), New York listings have hit an all-time high with this triplex. Though we can't help thinking it will go for a bit less than its $100-million-dollar asking price...


MasterCraft 2012 Wakeboardingmag Com

I know what a boat wake is. I know what wakeboarding is. I know what surfing is. I know what kitesurfing is. But until tonight, I had no idea what wakesurfing was.

Why Retrain Your Brain

Shiny Brain ArtM Sxc Hu

Since 2008, many of us have had to change our attitudes towards work. In some cases, are now working solely as a means to paying the bills, as opposed to also finding fulfillment. This makes finding inspiration outside of work even more important.

In Love, Society Sets Up Men For Trouble

Power Of Women Gabriella Fabbri

So says a rather no-holds-barred article on, a site that will never deliver it to you nicely, or without a sh*tload of expletives. But it's an article worth skimming through and taking with a grain (or five) of salt.