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The Extended Notice Period

I am finally counting down my last two weeks of the last 12 years of my life in the financial services. Being on an extended six-month notice period has its pros and cons.

City Uniform

The days of school are long gone, but uniforms are still very much the standard in the City. I ran out of the Tube and stopped around the corner. I pulled out my compact for a final inspection: grey pinstripe suit, white blouse, silver studs and as minimal make-up as I could bear to wear in public.

Should I Stay On Paradise Island?

I am on vacation on paradise island. It is incredible here. And just like any other visit to an exotic place, after a few days, I never want to leave. I want to live here. Grow my own mango trees. Keep some chickens and be happy for the rest of my life.

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How To Get Your Mojo Back

It’s the start of a new year! This is going to be the year you kick ass now and take names later, right? This is going to be the year that beats all other years. With a blindfold on and one hand tied behind your back, yes?

Landmark Atrium

Bring the Beach Inside

Heavens no, I don't mean the sand from your last jaunt to Spain. (Although the seashells from your trip to Florida's Gulf Coast look nice in that jar on your bookshelf.) I'm talking about palm trees. Inside your house.

Girls Night With A Purpose

Girls Night is important. And a Girls Night with a purpose? Even better. Come laugh with your girlfriends and support Sparks (Sport Aiding Medical Research for Kids), Deutsche Bank's charity of the year - all within walking distance of your City office.

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Solo Mio For Christmas

Driving home for Christmas. And it seems we can put little ol´ Chris Rea on repeat here as the roads are clogged with snow.