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How to get the perfect beach body (with science)

Beach Workout

As the weather turns warmer, more and more people are concerned with obtaining the perfect beach body. But despite so many guides, tips and methods available telling you how to achieve such a thing, exactly what makes a perfect beach body is rarely specified. As ever, science has the answer

The cost of losing weight

Sugar Doughnuts

NICE's recommendation that every obese or overweight person should be eligible for a slimming club was slated as too expensive - but how much would the NHS save if it worked?


Alarm Clock Bed

Are lie-ins bad for you?

A study this month showed that sleeping more at weekends could raise the risk of diabetes and heart disease. So, should you really get up on a Sunday?

Johnny Walker

Johnny's Mid-Life Crisis

My name is Johnny. I am a former rotund recruiter. Some years ago, Here Is The City gathered together 10 fat bankers and two rotund recruiters for a sponsored weight loss. More than £10,000 later, we were all slimmer.


Fitspo: how strong became the new skinny

Health has become fetishised on social media by ‘fitspiration’ devotees posting pictures of ‘clean’ food and gym-tight abs. But does the trend inspire better living – or is it promoting a new form of body fascism?