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Retrenched? Save Money, Save Yourself

When my last day of gainful employment was looming large, the Boy pronounced that people who are not working tend to spend more money than people who are employed. They have more free time on their hands and have to occupy themselves, and in turn, spend more money doing that.

How To Academy

16 Ways to Change the World

At one of the most prestigious, old institutions in England, the Royal Institution, sixteen top brains will come together to present the most thought-provoking presentations you will have heard for a long time.

Up the Corporate Threesome Ladder

Ms Robinson makes her debut with a very valid question. Is it worth sleeping with a member of the board and his wife to get ahead? And perhaps more importantly, is it acceptable if this happens at a Holiday Inn?

Success & Failure

What Character Strengths Matter Most?

The 'must read' article of the moment is called "What if the Secret to Success is Failure?" It was published last week in the New York Times, and whether you're considering your own character or that of a progeny, it's worth a read.

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Beat the Bloat in Time for the Beach

How did it happen? It’s already summer and your beach holiday is only a few days away and somehow you still haven’t managed to look your best in that little beach outfit.