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How to make the perfect martini

It is the quintessential cocktail. But for a recipe involving just two ingredients, the debate over its correct preparation is endless. Vodka or gin? How wet? How cold? Shaken or stirred? And should you ever use salt?


piña colada

How to make the perfect piña colada

With or without cherries and novelty cocktail sticks, this tropical drink’s a winner. But should you go for dark or light rum? Coconut water, coconut milk or something else? And how many paper parasols can you get away with?

Pies Chart An Upward Trend

The pie is back in fashion. Hearty food is retro chic, and pies are right on trend. Pies have gone gourmet and gastro, so forget fast food and hit the quality pie shops for a healthier option.

Enough of your sauce

As Felicity Cloake points out in today's G2, there are establishments whose entire raison d'etre is an exclusive condiment with a secret recipe, available only within their hallowed walls.

St John Bar & Restaurant (EC1M)

There are more things to eat between the nose and the tail of a pig than are dreamt of in our philosophy. HITCitizen Billy No Box (not Hamlet) ventured to Smithfield and expanded his culinary vocabulary. Pig time.