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How to make the perfect martini


It is the quintessential cocktail. But for a recipe involving just two ingredients, the debate over its correct preparation is endless. Vodka or gin? How wet? How cold? Shaken or stirred? And should you ever use salt?


The Fable Interior

The Fable, Holborn Viaduct

Where did the idea for serving food on chopping boards come from? I first came across it back in the mid-noughties at Soho’s Boheme Bar and Grill and I’m pretty sure I didn’t like it.

Sotheby's Café (W1A)

There are five words that fill me with horror. No, not 'Bin Laden is next door' or 'the cat's been sick again'. Nothing comes close to the gloom that comes from these five words: 'I need to go shopping'. Meaning we need to go shopping. 

EAT vs. Pret

Your lunch break is the brief portion of the day over which you have complete control (unless you have to get drunk with clients), so it is worth examining (subjectively) which High Street vendor is most worth your patronage.

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London's Luxury Ping Pong Bar

Not the kind of Ping Pong bar that you may or may not have visited on that business trip in Bangkok, this is a family friendly venue where you can eat, drink and play ping pong!