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Do Not Eat in this Lane (E1 7JF)

Lanes Restaurant

Booking a table around Christmas can be tough, so we were glad to get into Lanes, conveniently located by Liverpool Street. But perhaps the empty restaurant should have told us something.

Bring On the Skylon (SE1 8XX)


There could be no better treat than watching a winter afternoon fade over the Thames from a table at Skylon. The multitude of issues the restaurant faced after opening have also faded, and the result is an excellent dining experience.

Binge Drinking Thinking

A Young Drinker - Sasan Saidi

It was only a matter of time once the smokers had been dealt with. First came a shot across the bows from Peter Fahy, the chief constable of Cheshire, who proposed to rid our open spaces of underage drinkers by, er...raising the legal drinking age to 21.

Papa John's vs. Everyone

Slice of Pizza - Judi Seiber

Pizza delivery is tough. No-name chains deliver something like cardboard, Pizza Hut only delivers in some places, and Domino's was founded by a pro-life extremist. So where does relative newcomer Papa John's fit? As we've found, nicely at the top.

Booze - Hot, Stirred and Festive

A Red Cup

The red cups are back at Starbucks. So what. So what? So the Eggnog Latte is so damn good, that we're allocating 1.5kg of holiday weight gain (each) just because of them. Wonder what would happen if we added some rum...

EAT vs. Pret

EAT lunch

Your lunch break is the brief portion of the day over which you have complete control (unless you have to get drunk with clients), so it is worth examining (subjectively) which High Street vendor is most worth your patronage.

Smokers, You Are Welcome Here

Beer - Steve Woods

We love the smoking ban, but accept that some of you may not. For those (few) of you who aren't letting that butt simply burn out, this website reviews bars and pubs from the smoker's perspective.

St John Bar & Restaurant (EC1M)

St John Logo

There are more things to eat between the nose and the tail of a pig than are dreamt of in our philosophy. HITCitizen Billy No Box (not Hamlet) ventured to Smithfield and expanded his culinary vocabulary. Pig time.

A Drinking Revolution in Leadenhall

Revolution's Girls

Ask any student (or ex-student) in Manchester or Leeds about Revolution and they'll most likely have fond memories. The franchise, known best for its novelty flavoured Vodkas (toffee, chocolate, rhubarb, custard, etc.) have branches in most big towns including, now, London.