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Terminal Fare

Plane Food

On the drive to Heathrow, I passed three billboards featuring Gordon Ramsay. Two for Gordon's Gin and one for his new cookbook. Then passing through security I saw it right in front of me: Plane Food. Why tempt fate?

Salad Bars in the City

Super Natural - Kaan Tanriover

Since a slice of lemon in your G&T after work does not count as one portion of fruit and veggies, it's time to get the vitamins somewhere else. Here are the best grazing spots.

Line Up the dim T

dim T cafe More London

Londoners love their budget Asian food chains - Wagamama, Busaba Eathai, Ping Pong, Yo!, Itsu. Slightly less well-known is dim T cafe, which fits the mould financially, but delivers a bit more atmospheric bang for your buck (or pound).

The Best Salsa in London

Frontera Salsa

Salsa is the cornerstone of any Mexican feast, and when scooped on corn chips, makes the perfect snack. With a new jar in town, both are now as good as that top shelf margarita in your hand.

Dining on Top of the Gherkin

3040 Restaurant

My friend Jane spends time on the Eurostar like the rest of us spend time on the Tube. Ergo, when Eurostar teamed up with the restaurant on top of the Gherkin last month, she was first in the queue.

Aboard The Silver Sturgeon

The Silver Sturgeon

My long-anticipated lunch on the Silver Sturgeon commenced rather splendidly. As the group of equally exited people assembled on deck, a huge Zeppelin appeared on the horizon to send us off in style.

Chilin' at The Wharf

Chili's Logo

A few months ago, I was surprised to see a Chili's sign at Canary Wharf. When did this American chain make its way across the pond? Was anyone going? And was the experience the same?