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Angela's Murano


Dinner at Murano is an almost perfect experience: delicious Italian food served by a entirely professional - yet friendly and unpretentious - staff in a slightly sexy, calming space.

Where to Party Today at 5pm

American Flag

Could we be any more excited about Obama's inauguration this afternoon? Maybe only if we were in America, where the country will no doubt be a-buzz. Catch a flavour of it at one of the events below.

Champagne, Supernova-Sized

Champagne! - Jean Scheijen

A friend said to me, "Anyway, I'm going to their annual Christmas party, which should be good. Apparently he buys a Methuselah every year!" "Um, how many bottles is that again?" I asked. "Yeah, I can't really remember," she said. And so we decided a refresher course was in order.

Be Thankful on Thursday

Turkey Pilgrim - Gravity X9

Note to Americans in London: Thanksgiving is this Thursday. But don't despair if you've been too distracted to order that 12-pound turkey (yeah, we know you know your local butcher). Below is a list of restaurants ready to feed you a variety of Thanksgiving menus.

Lunch for the Unemployed

The Bill - Thomas Balzer

Whether you sailed under golden parachute or hit the ground like a rock, you have to eat. Following are a few suggestions for making the most of your now-extended lunch hour - whatever the size of your redundancy package.

Not a Palace, Not a House

Urban Turban

London has plenty of curry houses and a few curry palaces, but not a lot in between. Westbourne Grove's Urban Turban neatly fills that void well with a tried-and-tested formula.

Always the Glass by Stem

Red Wine - Ardai Hajnalka

Dear Mr and Mrs P - I thought I knew how to hold wine glasses: red by the bowl, and white and sparkling by the stem. But then I noticed a very sophisticated man holding his red wine glass by the stem last night. Am I doing it wrong? Or is he overly dainty?