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The Most Popular Botanist in Town

The Botanist - Sloane Square

My friend and I decided to meet for dinner at the somewhat-new Botanist in Sloane Square, where she had eaten (happily) before. But we were both shocked at the extent of the scene that spilled onto the pavement. Was it the weather? Or was it just the new place to be?

Hedgie Goes to Hoxton

Lena - Hoxton

Ms R can just remember when Hoxton was a place so feral you wouldn’t go there without an armed guide. Pop socks anyone? Of course, once the West London media contingent got excited about it - “Darling, I ventured to the other side today” - all that disappeared.

Some Like it Raw

City Miyama

If you still have an expense account and like your fish raw, sliced up in front of your eyes, or even torched, City Miyama is the place to lunch like it's still 2006. 

Ms R Gets into the Kitchen

While the third wave feminists are trying to work out what it’s all about, Ms R would like to take this opportunity to say that here at R Towers, we enjoy the kitchen as much as the bedroom.

The Hedgie's Canary Wharf Meal

El Faro - Canary Wharf

There is quite a lot of Spanish food in London, unfortunately much of it faux-Spanish. You know the sort of thing: little bowls with grilled chorizo or fried potatoes, blanketed with a tasteless tomato sauce. A preview of El Faro’s menu promised something altogether more authentic.

Annie's: Welcome to Kentish Town

Annie's Restaurant

“I want to live like common people said the Shamed Obsolete Banker (SOB).” “Excellent," I said. "As it happens I have a review coming up in Kentish Town.”




How to eat: nachos

Nachos are one of the titans of trash food. But do you serve them with chilli or pulled pork? Drown them in cheese sauce? Or grilled Monterey Jack? And can you share your nachos or is that a surefire recipe for divorce?