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Be At One - Spitalfields

There has been plenty of noise over the years about banning ‘Happy Hour’ - the after-work drinking session that is apparently responsible for every social ill from ASBOs to our ‘broken society’. I’m surprised it hasn't been blamed for the credit crunch.

Brew Wharf - Borough Market

Brew Wharf

It was not so long ago that any London pub which specialised in ales and bitters tended to be frequented by people of a more 'earthy' nature. Criminals, in other words.

Love Affair With Chocolate

Chocolate Heart - Bartek Ambrozik

Mischievous food experimenter Heston Blumenthal goes all Willy Wonka with a sixties-themed programme, "Heston's Chocolate Factory Feast" featuring chocolate fountains and lickable wallpaper. The versatility of this mind-altering substance has tempted man for centuries. Can you resist the seductive lure of chocolate? 

Shoreditch House

Shoreditch House's Rooftop Pool

If there was a premier league of bars and clubs, then the mighty Soho House group would always be at - or near - the top.

One More For The Road?

Hangover Remedies

Once again, I am experiencing the torture that is waking up after the night before. My pillow is filled with broken bricks, my mouth is devoid of any moisture, my stomach is churning, and the idea of any movement is complete anathema.