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How to make the perfect rye bread

Rye Bread

There is no reason the Scandis should call dibs on this distinctive, flavoursome loaf, so here is a recipe for a simple, everyday rye. But should you mix this hardy grain with another flour? And what is the right way to get a good rise?

The slow death of the long lunch


With several of Britain’s best restaurants opting to cut their midweek opening hours, does this signal the final last gasp of the long boozy lunch? If so, will you miss it when it’s gone?

Is it ever OK to eat in bed?

room service

Nigella Lawson keeps condiments in her nightstand, and has long been an advocate of dining in bed. But what is acceptable to eat between the sheets – and what is best avoided?

How to make the perfect crispy fried tofu


Tofu’s not just a difficult thing to love; it’s a difficult thing to cook – but with the right steps, you can achieve a crispy crust and silky interior. But how firm should your bean curd be? And do you need to coat it for crunch?


The Whole 30 Book

Holy Whole 30

Six weeks ago, one of my friends told me she was “gearing up to do The Whole 30.” My sugar addiction and I trembled in fear, because we knew it had to end for us, too.

Sotheby's Café (W1A)

There are five words that fill me with horror. No, not 'Bin Laden is next door' or 'the cat's been sick again'. Nothing comes close to the gloom that comes from these five words: 'I need to go shopping'. Meaning we need to go shopping.