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How to eat: fish finger sandwiches

Fish Finger Sandwich

In fish fingers’ 60th year in the UK, How to Eat is considering their highest complete expression: the fish finger sandwich. White bread or brown? Tartare or tomato sauce? Slice of cheese? As ever, there’s a great deal to chew over

How to make the perfect Turkish delight

Turkish Delight

We all have fond memories of nabbing one from a box of Roses, but authentic, gummy lokum is labour-intensive. The question is: should you roll these sugary creations in icing or dip them in chocolate?


Soda Stream Machines

Sparkling Water: It's More Fun

Yesterday, I broke down and bought a Soda Stream, and I now have a permanent source of sparkling water in my kitchen. Overnight, my quality of life (and probably my health health) has totally improved.