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A beginner's guide to port

If you have the faintest idea to what I am referring when I ask "do you know the Bishop of Norwich?" then, like me, you must be a fan of port wines.

Feasting on Christmas dinner leftovers

It's probably not the done thing to admit it, but while I was in the feverish business of planning the Christmas day menu this year, I was really thinking about what could be done with all the food that would not be eaten on the day.

When should wine be decanted?

As if the stress of getting Christmas lunch on the table were not enough, there's also that last minute panic of wondering whether anything needs to be decanted.

Champagne 101

4 Champagne Glasses Quentin Houyoux

I aspire to have Champagne as an everyday drink. The reality is it's more often a sparkling wine. But hey, I'm not complaining. It's white, it sparkles, it makes me happy.

The Festive Cycle

Christmas Table Stella Levi

High days and feast days are times for family gatherings, rejoicing and, well, feasting. Most of the time we're able to carry off these celebratory occasions with reasonable damage limitation, but all bets are off when it comes to the run up to the secular holiday of December 25th.



Selfie Toast

Your Selfie, Toasted

The selfie toaster: you put in a slice of bread. And like any toaster, it gives you toast — but when your toast pops up, you will see burned into one side your selfie.