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Proud2 at the O2


Superclubs were meant to be a thing of the past. Made famous with the likes of Studio 54 in the seventies, these cathedrals to dance went on to become aspirational destinations in their own right.

Giving Fish a Fair Shake

Salmon Trout Marcus Österberg

It’s hard to get especially fond of fish. Aquarium fish, possibly, but your bog standard shoal of North Sea cod or lonesome fresh water trout do not make you feel quite the same way a herd of liquid-eyed Herefords or a couple of frolicking Gloucester Old Spots.

Gourmet salt

In a pristine shed on the edge of a field overlooking the grey ribbon of sea that separates the isle of Anglesey from the mainland of Wales, David Lea-Wilson lifts a stainless steel shovel from a basin of brine and inspects what's in it: big, beautiful, crystalline white flakes, glistening almost gem-like under the striplights.

Bistrot Bruno Loubet

Bistrot Bruno Loubet Photo

The culture of the celebrity chefs is a recent, but now constant, feature of UK life. Those at the very top of the foodie chain enjoy considerable fame and fortune; perhaps not in the same league as actors and rock stars, but certainly on par with top footballers.

Two Floors in Soho

Two Floors Bar

One of the questions people often ask me is why I insist on focussing on City bars. After all, as these folks are quick to remind me, there are many great bars all over London which clearly I either haven’t been too, or simply haven’t heard of.

Enough of your sauce

As Felicity Cloake points out in today's G2, there are establishments whose entire raison d'etre is an exclusive condiment with a secret recipe, available only within their hallowed walls.



Mayfair Pizza Co Pizza

Mayfair Pizza Co, Soho

“Pizza for dessert?” Despite the best efforts of our lovely waitress, who talked us through the menu of the Mayfair Pizza Co, it was the sweet pizzas, which included Wild Strawberry and Limoncello and Lime, Banana Tiramis and Nutella Calzone, that stood out as a potential challenge for my ‘classic’ palate.