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Hawksmoor, Commercial Street, Spitalfields

Cow Diagram

Going out with your work mates can be a challenge. Going drinking is easy. You just pick the bar that is the least offensive to the majority of the imbibers. That’s how All Bar One, Corney and Barrow and other chains operate - by offering a safe, if not slightly boring, environment. Dining with your colleagues is different.

40/30 Bar, 30 St Marys Axe

40/30 Bar

How do people manage to keep abreast of the number of private members clubs in London? And by 'members clubs', I’m not talking about your gentlemen-only, port-quaffing, cigar-puffing gigs that attract the same sort of people that enjoy fox hunting.

Where to Go For a Naughty Night Out

Aqua Spirit Bar

Thinking about the weekend already? As a singleton about town, I've been checking out places to go. Discovering a hidden gem is all about looking hard - much like searching through the markets for that special find.

Skylounge and Lobby, Mint Tower of London Hotel

Skylounge At The Mint Hotel

I do not know many people who like estate agents. In most people’s estimation, they sit alongside tabloid journalists, parking attendants, and nightclub bouncers in the low-life pecking order. They’re still a shade above investment bankers, of course.

Aurora Restaurant, Soho

Aurora In Soho

When does a place officially become a favourite? The restaurant you always fall back on when you’re in the area or are making a recommendation. The pub where the bar staff recognise your face. The nightclub where the bouncers greet you with a nod and a smile.

The Laughing Gravy

The Laughing Gravy Table

When you first set out to be a bar reviewer you envisage that your evenings will be spent at the West End’s finest establishments, quaffing champagne with celebrities whom you regale with Oscar Wilde-like witticisms and anecdotes.