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Restaurant in the Middle of Nowhere

Summer In The Countryside Bev Lloyd Roberts

One of my friends lives up in the middle bit of the country, and when we recently decided to get together, we decided on a point on the train line roughly between our respective abodes.

The Chef's Table, Tetbury, Gloucestershire

The Chef's Table

For those of you who watch A Place in the Country (and the chances are that if you’re reading this, you probably do) will know that the Cotswolds rates highly as a destination for City types in search of a rural home. Commutable and chocolate box picturesque, this part of the country seems to encapsulate everything good about England, albeit in a very Richard Curtis way.

Roaming Chefs Offer Freestyle Dining

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Food enthusiasts seem to have an insatiable appetite for the bizarre and unusual, which is not only about the food, but also the venue and atmosphere. For some, the wackier the dining experience, the better. Enter the pop-up restaurant.

One New Change Champagne Bar, St Pauls

The Champage Bar

It shows the regard in which we hold Champagne in that we so often use it to describe an aspirational lifestyle. By which, we normally mean hobnobbing with celebs at openings or private members club, dining at the finest restaurants, and travelling first class.

Courtyard at 51, 51 Buckingham Gate

51 Buckingham Gate

"Blame it on rain," sang the much derided (but for my money, grossly under-rated) Milli Vanilli. And that’s what was going through the mind of this bar reviewer as I braved monsoon conditions en route to St James' Park to attend the preview of 51 Buckingham Gate’s Summer Courtyard of Music.

Hawksmoor, Commercial Street, Spitalfields

Cow Diagram

Going out with your work mates can be a challenge. Going drinking is easy. You just pick the bar that is the least offensive to the majority of the imbibers. That’s how All Bar One, Corney and Barrow and other chains operate - by offering a safe, if not slightly boring, environment. Dining with your colleagues is different.