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A La Cruz, Clerkenwell

Meat At A La Cruz

Argentina inspires emotion. The home of the tango, Eva Peron and Che Guevara - not to mention Diego and his Hand of God - this is a country positively dripping in passion.

The Folly, The City

The Folly Downstairs Bar

"Tuesday is the new Thursday," said the hunky Australian waiter as he took us to our table. And judging by the number of people out celebrating in the Folly on this particular Tuesday, I think he was right.

The Taste of Austerity

A Super Basic GF Grill

It's not gearing up to be the best year you've ever had. And chances are, you shouldn't be spending quite so much of that disposable income on eating and drinking out. That's right, out. We still think you should do it, just with your friend(s), in the comfort of your own home.

Budweiser vs Budweiser

Old Budvar Truck

...and what you need to know (starting with the fact 'Budweiser' is a German adjective describing something from the city of Budweis, located in the Czech Republic).

Malaysia is Only as Far as Trafalgar Square

Malaysia Night 2011

On the 23rd of September, Trafalgar Square was decked out in red and yellow for the evening to celebrate Malaysian food. Organised by Malaysia Kitchen, more than 20 restaurants had set up stalls and were selling street food in the most amazing variety. I managed to convince a friend to come along and we were truly spoilt for choice