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Words From A Wise Man

A Good Quote

It turns out that the Dali Lama did not actually say this quote in response to a question about what aspect of humanity he found surprising. But we like the idea. It's a good reminder of how...misaligned...our priorities can be in this day and age. Cut this out and put it on your monitor.

Match! Oxford Circus

Match Bar

Match Bar was one of the new wave of cocktail bars that swept London in the early noughties. Fuelled by the dotcom and property boom, Match Bar represented a more upmarket alternative to the edgier New York influenced bars that dominated out East.

Cooking Without the Hassle

Hello Fresh

Like the popular American self-help book advocates, “don’t sweat the small stuff”, removing the small stuff from the cooking experience can set you up for an easy and much more fun experience.

The Cube, Southbank

The Cube By Night

Despite being a bit crowded with Olympic visitors, there is always a gem to be had at the Southbank Centre. Right now it's a pop-up cube that recently arrived from the Piazza del Duoma in Milan.

A Grehla at The Gun, The Docklands

The Gun Terrace

Do you remember what the sun looks like? Euro 2012 is in full flow and the longest day is upon us, but the summer is in danger of being overwhelmed by London’s first recorded monsoon. At least that should help the hosepipe ban.