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Dine Differently in London

Inamo Tables

Our love of food and dining dates back to Ancient Rome. This important aspect of human social interaction has, consequently, had an age to develop, mature, and become a way of life. It brings us together like nothing else: sitting around the table talking and chewing! In London we are privileged to enjoy a plethora of places to dine. Why not explore a few ways to dine differently in our blessed Capital, tried and tested by yours truly.

Covent Garden in Autumn

Neal's Yard Manolis Kanakis

This part of London, one of the main tourist draws, isn’t a place I often get to. It’s too full of people generally lolling about, gazing at the living statues, sipping coffee in the Piazza. But on a visit last week I noticed a very nice transformation at the 'wrong’ end of Long Acre.

1776 at 1 Lombard Street, The City

1776 At 1 Lombard Street

There are plenty of perks that come with this job, but one of the best is the excitement of discovery and the feeling of exclusivity and, dare I say 'conquest', that comes with being the first person to try a new place.

London's Luxury Ping Pong Bar

Bounce Header

Not the kind of Ping Pong bar that you may or may not have visited on that business trip in Bangkok, this is a family friendly venue where you can eat, drink and play ping pong!

The Princess of Wales, Clapton

Princess Of Wales

There was a time, not too long ago, when you didn’t go to East London pubs. Earthy, or ‘rough and ready’, is how they might euphemistically have been described. Outright violent is another way, especially the further out from London you got.

Romancing the Guy

Dim T London Bridge

When it comes to London, the choice of date destinations is unrivalled. Or for some, it’s daunting. In deciding where to go, do you opt for somewhere that screams romance, or do you keep it casual?

The Colbert, Sloane Square

The Colbert

All of London was waiting for the opening of the newest Corbin/King enterprise. After The Wolseley, Delaunay and a few others (and in the space of the beloved Oriel) there was much to be expected.

Old Bengal Bar, The City

Old Bengal Bar Courtyard

Quality cocktail bars continue to take the London by storm, but typically they’re located in Shoreditch, Hoxton or Soho, or atop of one of the new skyscrapers. There tends to be a diminishing return on quality the closer their proximity to the heart The City. The Old Bengal Bar bucks that trend and some.