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Tilia (On Your Doorstep)

Tilia Delivery

I started off reviewing bars. Then I moved into restaurants, which is where my writing mostly resides nowadays. But online food home delivery services? That’s slightly out of my comfort zone.

Angler, Moorgate

Angler Terrace

‘It’s like being in New York’s meatpacking district’, said the Northerner as we sipped our dessert cocktails on the hotel’s roof terrace.

Asia de Cuba, Covent Garden

Asia De Cuba London

"Isn’t Asia de Cuba a little passé?" asked Tom, my veritable man about Soho. While Tom and I have different tastes in terms of style and fashion (it’s questionable whether we have any sense of either), I saw where he was coming from.




How to cook the perfect chicken korma

A bland curry for the unadventurous or a noble dish worthy of Mughal emperors? Do you add fruit and nuts, is yoghurt better than cream – and would you be caught dead ordering it in a curry house?