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Ekachai, The City


My friend Owen is crazy about East and South East Asian food. Several years working in the region, coupled with a healthy appetite, have given him an appreciation of the dishes from that part of the world, usually ahead of the trend.


Richard Biggs Camino

Five Questions in Five Minutes

In a new, regular feature, HITC bar and restaurant reviewer, Walton Woodford, sits down with one of London's food and drink impresarios. He kicks things off with Richard Biggs, the man who brought you Cantaloupe.

Brawn Wine Bar

Brawn - Columbia Road

I live under the illusion (or is it the delusion?) of being fashionable. I perpetuate this by drinking at the right bars, buying catwalk-influenced clothes, and having a partner - the Northerner - who is downright on-trend, and stylishly cool. Sadly, there are many things about me that give it away.

Steaming hot spaghetti

Why piping-hot food leaves me cold

Gone are the days when a lack of central heating and a fear of salmonella meant food had to be served at thermonuclear temperatures. But does that superheat enhance flavour and appetite, or merely leave your soft palate raw and wounded?

The Riding House Table

The Riding House Cafe, Fitzrovia

What a transformation. The Riding House Café is located in what was once the heartland of London’s rag trade, yet in its previous life it was anything but fashionable. A middle-of-the-road chain pub - and even more mundane Asian chain canteen - were its predecessors, with neither being in any way destination venues.


European Food

European Food Guide

From the well known French crepe to the lesser known Ukrainian cherry dumpling, take a tour of Europe’s finest food offerings.