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Eton For the Masses

So good was our Eton Mess at The Hind's Head, that at our last dinner party, we decided to give it a go. To make the situation even more serendipitous, we found the exact recipe from Heston Blumenthal on The Times Online.

Good Carb Vs Bad Carbs Header

Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs

Finally. A simple infographic to make it easy to understand the difference between good carbs and bad carbs (and to make you realise how dire the situation really is).

The Chef's Table

The Chef's Table, Tetbury, Gloucestershire

For those of you who watch A Place in the Country (and the chances are that if you’re reading this, you probably do) will know that the Cotswolds rates highly as a destination for City types in search of a rural home. Commutable and chocolate box picturesque, this part of the country seems to encapsulate everything good about England, albeit in a very Richard Curtis way.

The Most Popular Botanist in Town

My friend and I decided to meet for dinner at the somewhat-new Botanist in Sloane Square, where she had eaten (happily) before. But we were both shocked at the extent of the scene that spilled onto the pavement. Was it the weather? Or was it just the new place to be?

Richard Biggs Camino

Five Questions in Five Minutes

In a new, regular feature, HITC bar and restaurant reviewer, Walton Woodford, sits down with one of London's food and drink impresarios. He kicks things off with Richard Biggs, the man who brought you Cantaloupe.