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How to eat: a cream tea

Scone Cream Tea

Is it jam or cream first? Clotted or whipped cream, strawberry or raspberry jam? Are fruit scones ever acceptable? And do we really need to eat it off vintage crockery?

Verdi, Royal Albert Hall

Verdi Italian Kitchen

The best concert that I ever saw was by ‘The Reverend’ Al Green. It wasn’t just his angel-like voice, or extensive back catalogue of soul classics, but the setting – three rows from the front, in the beautiful Royal Albert Hall – that made the experience somewhat akin to a musical epiphany.


The Laughing Gravy Table

The Laughing Gravy

When you first set out to be a bar reviewer you envisage that your evenings will be spent at the West End’s finest establishments, quaffing champagne with celebrities whom you regale with Oscar Wilde-like witticisms and anecdotes.

European Food

European Food Guide

From the well known French crepe to the lesser known Ukrainian cherry dumpling, take a tour of Europe’s finest food offerings.

Hello, Hooters!

I grew up in Tampa, FL, across the bay from the original Hooters. With Hooters landing on our shores, it makes London feel even more like home. Never mind I've only been to one - it's always been around me, and not because I have them, either. *


Chana Masala

How to make the perfect chana masala

Whether eaten as a snack, main meal or even for breakfast, this tangy chickpea curry is arguably the most popular vegetarian dish in India. But should you used dried pulses or tinned, add or omit fresh coriander – and can you really eat it with pasta and parmesan?