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Your Selfie, Toasted

Selfie Toast

The selfie toaster: you put in a slice of bread. And like any toaster, it gives you toast — but when your toast pops up, you will see burned into one side your selfie.

Simply Fish, Camden

Simply Fish

"Fish, fish, the family dish!" went the catchphrase for New Zealand’s 1970s television ad. Clearly in those pre-sustainability days, the NZ government felt the need to actively market fish as an alternative to the meat diet of your typical kiwi.


Le Boudin Blanc (W1J)

As a genuine authentic French restaurant, Le Boudin Blanc has a USP that is highly unusual. It's friendly, it's laid-back and the waiters (nearly all French) are polite and smile at you. Sacrè Blue. Whatever next? A British restaurant serving decent coffee?

Inamo Tables

Dine Differently in London

Our love of food and dining dates back to Ancient Rome. This important aspect of human social interaction has, consequently, had an age to develop, mature, and become a way of life. It brings us together like nothing else: sitting around the table talking and chewing! In London we are privileged to enjoy a plethora of places to dine. Why not explore a few ways to dine differently in our blessed Capital, tried and tested by yours truly.


Custard Tart

How to make the perfect custard tart

Not to be confused with the Portuguese or French versions, this silky dessert in a crisp crust is a British classic. But should the pastry be enriched with sugar – and should your custard be made with cream or milk?