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How to cook the perfect chicken korma


A bland curry for the unadventurous or a noble dish worthy of Mughal emperors? Do you add fruit and nuts, is yoghurt better than cream – and would you be caught dead ordering it in a curry house?


Line Up the dim T

Londoners love their budget Asian food chains - Wagamama, Busaba Eathai, Ping Pong, Yo!, Itsu. Slightly less well-known is dim T cafe, which fits the mould financially, but delivers a bit more atmospheric bang for your buck (or pound).

4 Champagne Glasses Quentin Houyoux

Champagne 101

I aspire to have Champagne as an everyday drink. The reality is it's more often a sparkling wine. But hey, I'm not complaining. It's white, it sparkles, it makes me happy.

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Michelin Stars, For Lunch And By Train has put together this amazingly detailed list of Michelin-starred restaurants around the UK, all accessible by train so you can enjoy a glass of wine, and not use your Michelin map to get home.