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The Jugged Hare

The Jugged Hare, Barbican

I have to admit that I have a bar crush. No, it's not a drink, but an infatuation with a certain bar group. (Sad, I know, but this happens when you spend most of you spare time in eating and drinking establishments.)

Lounge Bohemia

The Speakeasy Atmosphere Takes Us Back

If you’re looking for the next new thing why not try something new - that’s old? Elegantly coming to life around town are the step-back-in-time cocktail bars, giving us taste of times gone by in the midst of London's trendiest quarters.

Ginny Bar Cart

I Want A Bar Cart

Never mind the fact I only drink wine. And unfortunately not normally at 5pm. It's not even a Mad Men thing. So what is it? The person I want to be.

Tate Modern Anarki Sxc Hu

Sober Dating

I like to drink, and when it comes to a date, there's nothing I like more than pulling up a bar stool and getting a bit tipsy with someone new.


egg sandwich

Can you be a vegan and eat eggs?

A growing band of ‘veggans’ believe eating ‘cruelty-free’ eggs is justifiable because it fosters the ethical treatment of hens. Needless to say, true vegans disagree. Let the debate commence

Rye Bread

How to make the perfect rye bread

There is no reason the Scandis should call dibs on this distinctive, flavoursome loaf, so here is a recipe for a simple, everyday rye. But should you mix this hardy grain with another flour? And what is the right way to get a good rise?