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Will Uganda really ban the miniskirt?

Short Skirt Shop Window

If a bill passed by the Ugandan parliament in December becomes law, women wearing miniskirts in public will face arrest – and some commentators believe this is just the start of a wholesale erosion of women's rights in the country


Daniel Craig As James Bond

The 007 Guide to Personal Brand

Fifty years on, James Bond has still got it. I’m not talking about his penchant for fast cars and fancy women (though that’s still there too), but rather, his steadfast personal brand. 007 remains cool, confident and immaculately dressed in Skyfall (released this Friday) – even after his shenanigans on top of moving trains.

Beckham H&M

Beckham's Launch of the Year

So Beckham’s bearing all again, this time for his own debut collection of ‘Body-wear’ in partnership with High Street giant, H&M. In an ad, which premiered at half-time of the Chelsea and Man-U game on Saturday, the football star unveiled a vision of what has been 18 months in the making.