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Your Best Picnic Yet

Steady Sticks

Alcohol spills at picnics. It's depressing. Stop the madness and take control (or at least take these cool things along).

Your Socks, Sir

Your Socks, Sir

Interesting. Private Bankers are almost five times more likely to wear mismatched socks than Hedge Fund Managers. What shall we make of that?

Men: Buy This Now

Men: Buy This Now 2

Believe it or not, summer is on. Now, I love summer in the City as much as the next Global Warmer, but I've always preferred Autumn/Winter fashion when it comes to the sweaty Tube/air-conditioned office conundrum.

Your Inner Sloane Needs You

Sloane Style 02

I have a new secret. Or rather, a new obsession. It's my Inner Sloane. In my recent move from the world of fashion to finance, my Inner Sloane has made these two worlds collide.

No Tie is Safe

Gas Mask

Let's call it Italian Roulette. You know, guess which nibble is going to shoot its way into your latest Italian silk tie. And can you mitigate the risk?

The Warehouse You Want

Designer Warehouse Sale 04

Every quarter (or so) the doors open on a funny, old white building in King's Cross for the Designer Warehouse Sale. I have friends who go religiously, so I went along for the ride. And now, I won't miss it.

Groovy Gifts for Guys

Swarowski-encrusted Planet Switch

Father's Day has passed. Were you a slacker or a star? Either way, this list will get you through the summer with cool gifts for cool guys (or your cool self).

Thank Heaven!

Beverage Heaven

It couldn't be more dangerous (or excellent). You pick up your mobile, hit speed dial, and some lovely guy delivers booze to you. At 2 a.m. on a Sunday.