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A Great Mall, or the Greatest Mall?

Westfield London

We decided spur-of-the-moment to go to Westfield on the third day it was open. Given the crowd, it looked like a bad decision until we pulled into the parking garage and stared in awe at the cavernous floor of spaces marked by lights - green if the space was open, red if it was filled.

Shaken, Stirred and Styled

Quantum of Solace

Let's face it: James Bond is a legend. Sleek style, immaculate manners, and undeniable charm. He gets more ladies than Hugh Hefner, drives more cars than Lewis Hamilton, and gets to play with more toys than the editor of Stuff magazine. Who wouldn’t want to be him?

Men: Your Look Next Summer

Christopher Shannon Spring-Summer 09

So the nights are drawing in, Jack Frost is nipping at your toes, and it's grey out there in the City. In the colourful world of fashion, however, the catwalks have been showcasing what's hot and what's not for Spring/Summer 09.

Men In Shorts: Dos & Don'ts

Diving - Levent Sadık Küçükdaban

This morning on the Tube, I noticed a rather dapper, if not eager gent, sporting a mean pair of shorts. (To be fair some sunshine did peer through the clouds for about an hour.)  And I found myself wondering; should men actually wear shorts?

Got £50K to Spare?

Rings - Lauren J

Are you an UHNWI? That U would be for ultra, and if so, your PA's PA is reading this, and they need to sign you up to Lifestyle Boutique, where you can almost count the number of members on a few bejewelled hands (well, and feet).

Dressing for S.x and Our City

Sex and the City

It's here - the film we've been waiting on for more than two years. Yes, folks, it's Sex and the City, and having just come back from two weeks in New York City, it is high time to start dressing the part.