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The iPhone 5

The IPhone 5

We doubt you missed it, but it's hitting the stores in two weeks. And here's what makes it different...

Outdoor Furniture: On Sale Now

Mirthe Table

As any savvy home furnishings shopper can tell you, the start of the season and the end of the season are the best times to buy outdoor furniture. The deals are good, and if you're making an investment, you'll want the best deal - and the best set - possible.

It's Leg Time

Time In Bedroom Hanna Zabielska

Apparently, it's all about the legs right now. For some of you guys, this is great news. For some of you gals, it's time to start shaving every day again.

Smart Furnishing

Jack Upholstered Storage Bench And Jonah Chair

It's a concept new to us: a company that represents and sells designers' furniture online, then manufactures it and ships it to the buyer. All for a significant discount.

The Best of British Fashion

Paul Smith Shoes

The Diamond Jubilee Weekend is almost here, and the Olympics are fast approaching. Last year, three billion people worldwide tuned in to watch Kate Middleton marry a prince, and the fashion world now takes its cues from London. There has never been a better time to celebrate all things British.


The 'Dirty' Men's Shirt Wars

You can’t walk past the shops without noticing 'Sale' slashed across glass fronts at most times of the year, and I have been informed that seemingly under-par shirts have been flooding the marketplace since before Christmas.

Retro IPhone Cassette Case

Pimp My iPhone

We're pretty sure we're not hip enough to carry one of these. But at $1.75USD, who cares if we only carry it when we go out to get coffee at Spitalfields?

Jigsaw Cardigan

Dressing For All Work and No Play

The end of the holidays has come. We gloomily slink back to our desks as the end of the summer officially draws in, and the question comes back: now what the heck do we wear?

Got £50K to Spare?

Are you an UHNWI? That U would be for ultra, and if so, your PA's PA is reading this, and they need to sign you up to Lifestyle Boutique, where you can almost count the number of members on a few bejewelled hands (well, and feet).