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Let’s Talk Prints And Patterns


This year’s print trend has “adventurous” written all over it. It combines everything that’s right with the fashion world: energy, dynamism and pushing the limits. Here’s a guide to the graphics and motifs that’s caught the fashion world’s attention this season.

Beauty: makeup for novices

Pig in Lipstick

One of the loveliest things about my job has been hearing from women who, having never worn makeup before, have grown to love it through this column.


Daniel Craig As James Bond

The 007 Guide to Personal Brand

Fifty years on, James Bond has still got it. I’m not talking about his penchant for fast cars and fancy women (though that’s still there too), but rather, his steadfast personal brand. 007 remains cool, confident and immaculately dressed in Skyfall (released this Friday) – even after his shenanigans on top of moving trains.

MK Longchamp Classic

Mary Kantratzou and Longchamp

We were going to pop Mary Kantratzou's bags for Longchamp on our Top 5 list, but they're so pretty, we felt they deserved an article of their own.

Groovy Gifts for Guys

Father's Day has passed. Were you a slacker or a star? Either way, this list will get you through the summer with cool gifts for cool guys (or your cool self).

Bicester Village

The Shopping Credit

When I save money on a necessity, I give myself a shopping credit. Then, when those fabulous shoes walk in, I buy them guilt-free.