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Grammy nominations 2017: Beyoncé and R&B artists shine while rock suffers

Beyonce In Concert

Tuesday’s announcement of the nominations for the 59th annual Grammy awards, which will be handed out on 12 February, had some expected outcomes – Beyoncé dominated, with Lemonade and its affiliated properties receiving nine nominations, while Adele’s 25 scored her five nominations. As with any attempt to winnow down pop music to some semi-arbitrary notion of “bests”, though, the real stories come from what might be missing.


50 Shades Of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey protests escalate

Domestic violence campaigners and religious groups are opposed to the BDSM-filled film, but it is anticipated to be one of the most successful releases of the year, with Imax screenings now planned

Agatha A

45 Years (REVIEW)

A wife must rethink her 45-year marriage after her husband's confession for the love of another woman a long time ago.


Spotify Playlist

Will Spotify kill the music download?

The digital download, ushered in to the mass market more than a decade ago by Apple’s iTunes music store, is in rapid decline as people shift to streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.