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Greg Lake obituary

Greg Lake

Greg Lake, who has died of cancer aged 69, first rose to fame with a brief stint in King Crimson before achieving colossal success with Emerson, Lake & Palmer during the 1970s.


Nick Cave's 20,000 Days On Earth

20,000 Days on Earth (REVIEW)

Just last month Rolling Stone magazine named their 40 greatest rock documentaries of all time. Don't Look Back - a documentary about Bob Dylan's 1965 tour - was their number one.

Liza Minnelli Cabaret 1972

Liza Minnelli – Review

"Hi, everybody!" squeaked the familiar voice of Liza Minnelli as she stepped on to the stage of the Royal Festival Hall for the first time in exactly 40 years.

The Patron Saint of Banking

On this, All Saints Day, a few questions. Is it a coincidence that Halloween is followed by All Saints Day? What does punk rock have to do with it? And who, pray tell, is the patron saint of banking?


Everest (REVIEW)

A thrilling and bone-chilling true story of a group of Mount Everest climbers and their disastrous expedition that led to several deaths