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The Delta Spirit Live at the ICA

The Delta Spirit

And so the ongoing quest for reasonably priced live music brought me to the ICA on the Mall to see San Diego alt-rock quintet, Delta Spirit, for the bargain price of just £8.50. And what a fantastic treat it was too.

Let's All Move to Houston

On a recent stop-over in Houston, Texas, I visited a friend and saw how the other half lived. OK, so maybe not quite half get to live like this. But it was nice, and I'm ready to go.

Two L.vers Worth Seeing

Paltrow and Phoenix in Two Lovers

So do you take the chance to see Joaquin Phoenix for the last time on the big screen, now that he's quit Hollywood? Yes. After all you get Gwyneth Paltrow thrown in too!

He.l Bent on Success

Hell Bent on Success

At a rather (im)perfect time comes the perfect novel: Hell Bent on Success. Appropriately enough, it's written by a former investment banker with more than a little mischief lurking in his clearly active imagination. 

Flash of Drive and Determination

Flash of Genius

What better reason to visit the cinema than to watch Flash of Genius. A feel-good movie about an underdog taking on the might of the American car makers, based on a true story. And yes, I do love a true story!

Until the "Twitter" End

When I first heard about Twitter last year, I thought the name was cute, but wondered - who needs a site dedicated to status updates when we have Facebook? "It's the latest phenomenon that no one knows how to make money on," said my husband. "At some point you have to write about it."

Recession Live Music Sessions

Jack Shakespeare

An evening of live music at The Comedy Pub. It sounds unlikely, but The Comedy Pub is in fact a superb small venue for bands and is in an excellent central London location. And what's more, you usually get to see at least four bands for a fiver. Surely a bargain, no?