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The Dead Weather is Fine

The Dead Weather

Jack White. Is there anything he can't do? Not content with just fronting The White Stripes and The Raconteurs, running his own record company, and writing Bond themes, he has now formed an alternative rock supergroup called The Dead Weather.

T4 - Salvaged

Terminator Salvation

Still drooling over T2? Pining for Cameron to be back? Then this may not be for you, for everyone else, there’s a highly entertaining summer action blockbuster that won’t let you down. 

Mr Wonderful, Live

Paolo Conte - Richardfabi

It's a Bank Holiday Monday evening and the Barbican Hall is jumping. People screaming, stomping their feet, clapping their hands, attempting to one last time lure their idol back on to the stage - but to no avail. And yet only happy faces exit the hall. They had been fed well enough by Mr Wonderful.

A Fighting Chance


Not as adventurous as Fight Club - and lacking a ‘based on a true story’ tag line - inevitably means Fighting isn’t anything new or awe inspiring. But it turned out to be OK!

New Music - Get This

The Gutter Twins

Does your iPod need refreshing? Check out what reader-writer Lucho Payne (our resident muso) has to say about some recent albums he finds rather good.

Business Knowledge for IT in Islamic Finance

Buy Business Knowledge for IT in Islamic Finance

Business Knowledge for IT in Islamic Finance deals with the convergence of business and IT in the Islamic finance industry and is designed to provide the platform for IT professionals to exploit the future demand for talent in this industry.

Business Knowledge for IT in Insurance

Buy Business Knowledge for IT in Insurance

As of January 2009, the quarterly survey from the CBI and PricewaterhouseCoopers showed a balance of +58% insurance companies planned to spend more on IT in the next 3 months. Should this trend continue, even in spite of the credit crunch, the Insurance industry will be a safe bet for IT professionals looking to further their careers.

Star Trek Rules

Zachary Quinto - Star Trek

I must state for the record that I’ve never been a Trekkie and never watched the original '70s series regularly, although I did enjoy the odd episode. To some that makes me unqualified to write a review of Star Trek. To others I’m the perfect candidate.