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Jack White, the champion of women musicians

Six foot one with dyed raven hair and a predilection for dressing all in black like a grumpy teenage goth: to look at 35-year-old music mogul Jack White you wouldn't say he was a prime candidate for the role of the industry's most ardent champion of music made by women.

Great dynasties of the world: The Marleys

In 1933, the literary critic LC Knights published a famous essay with the title How Many Children Had Lady Macbeth? A more difficult question is how many children had Bob Marley? The answer is not straightforward: the Marley family dynasty is biblically complex.

Amy Adams: punching above her weight

It is uniquely satisfying to watch a Disney princess unfold herself on to a Beverly Hills balcony, stretch her pale limbs out beside the floral arrangements, and tell you how she used to beat the crap out of the boys at school.

Blur drummer hints at 2011 reunion

Damon Albarn might have been optimistic when he said Blur could be back in studio this January, but Dave Rowntree has further fuelled reunion rumours, promising "something is going to happen" in 2011.