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The Sunshine Boys [REVIEW]

Richard Griffiths And Danny DeVito

Who would have expected to see one of England's most esteemed stage actors, Richard Griffiths, on a West End stage with the very short American TV and film star Danny DeVito? But there they are, on the Savoy Theatre stage, starring in a remake of The Sunshine Boys, by Neil Simon.

The Best of the Jubilee

Union Jack Bench

"Oh, I am so much more excited about the Jubilee than I am about the Olympics," said a super fabulous banker friend the other day. So we asked him what he was going to be doing. And eating. And wearing.

Iron Sky: Catch It While You Can

Iron Sky

In what can only be the shortest theatrical releases ever, dark, sci-fi flick, Iron Sky, opens in UK cinemas tomorrow for one day only, and becomes available on DVD this Monday.

Robin Gibb Obituary


Robin Gibb, who has died aged 62, was one of the three brothers who made up the international chart-topping group the Bee Gees.

50 Shades of Embarrassing

Tool N Toy Oliver Gruener

My husband graciously let me sleep until 10:45am. When he woke me, he said with a smile: "How is you staying up until 4am reading 50 Shades of Grey different from me staying up all night watching porn? Which, by the way, I don't do."

Silent House [REVIEW]

Elizabeth Olsen In Silent House

In the new thriller, Silent House, a young woman named Laura (Elizabeth Olsen) is trapped in a boarded-up house, while a mysterious presence chases her.

An Instinct For Kindness

Chris Larner

When asked to review this new play, my heart sank. Even an upbeat person with a sunny disposition can't help but shrink back when being faced by a drama based on a man named Chris Larner who helps his wife die in Switzerland, one of the 190 Brits to have chosen the Dignitas option.