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Can I Be Your Friend by the ENO

Ever thought how odd your online life is? Ever thought about what could go wrong? This film looks forward to ENO's production of Nico Muhly's new opera, Two Boys. A new opera that lifts the lid on the dangers of living our lives online.

My Friend Evan


A very funny animated voice mail created by Steve Rold, staring his friend Evan ... genius!

Hey London! What Song Are You Listening To?


Yesterday we listened to the sound of the New York streets. Today we find out what London sounds like. "Inspired by Tyler Cullen's project on the streets of New York, we wanted to see what beats were moving the streets of London." - Dan Maas

Summer Cinema - 2011

Transformers 3

Generally, summer is the time when Hollywood releases its big blockbusters, and you can guarantee most of them will appeal to the 'younger crowd.'

k.d. lang [REVIEW]

K D Lang And Her Band

What do you expect from a concert in the Royal Festival Hall starring k.d. lang, icon of gay people, loved for what seems like decades now, by those eager to be 'right on'?

The Hangover 2 [REVIEW]

The Hangover Part II

We've seen it all before: Four guys, one about to get married, a bachelor party, somethings happens, the next day the guys wake up and don't remember the last 12 hours.