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The Pact [REVIEW]

The Pact

Horror films all seem to follow the same plot; young people get killed one by one until the last person is left with the killer in a duel to the finish. The Pact, which opened in cinemas last week, is not so much a chased-by-a-killer film as a why-are-they-missing and who-done-it film.

Like Some Disgraced Cosmonaut


Poor Emily White. She didn't mean to cause such a sh*t storm with her post, I Never Owned Any Music To Begin With. But in talking about what music 'ownership' means to a 21-year old, she did.

My Love For Metal: Legitimised

Grow Up Please!

I've always felt somewhat embarrassed by my continuing guilty-pleasure-love of 1980s hair bands. So I can't help but feel a little bit legitimised that Rock of Ages opens in the UK tomorrow. (US, you can have it on Friday.)

The Sunshine Boys [REVIEW]

Richard Griffiths And Danny DeVito

Who would have expected to see one of England's most esteemed stage actors, Richard Griffiths, on a West End stage with the very short American TV and film star Danny DeVito? But there they are, on the Savoy Theatre stage, starring in a remake of The Sunshine Boys, by Neil Simon.

The Best of the Jubilee

Union Jack Bench

"Oh, I am so much more excited about the Jubilee than I am about the Olympics," said a super fabulous banker friend the other day. So we asked him what he was going to be doing. And eating. And wearing.

Iron Sky: Catch It While You Can

Iron Sky

In what can only be the shortest theatrical releases ever, dark, sci-fi flick, Iron Sky, opens in UK cinemas tomorrow for one day only, and becomes available on DVD this Monday.

Robin Gibb Obituary


Robin Gibb, who has died aged 62, was one of the three brothers who made up the international chart-topping group the Bee Gees.



Paul McCartney

The Beatles 'forgot' dozens of songs

Paul McCartney claims that the absence of portable recording devices during the band’s heyday meant that songs he co-wrote with John Lennon were frequently forgotten the morning after