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WAGS of Super Bowl Sunday

Bridget Moynahan

It was Urban Daddy who brought this subject to our attention. (Of course.) But they're not alone in celebrating the super babes of Super Bowl Sunday.

The Best Wallace in W.E.

Wallace And Edward

It is fair to say that Madonna gets a bad rap for anything she does. Her music is scrutinised more than perhaps any other artist. Her movies are panned way before anyone sees them. And she seems to rub people the wrong way.

Ferris Buller...Drives a Honda

Ferris Bueller

Really? From a strictly cultural perspective, you really should watch it. But expect something better to follow during Sunday's Super Bowl broadcast...

Huis Clos at Trafalgar Studios

No Exit David Knudsen

This was a trip to the theatre a la recherché du temps perdu, remembering times many years ago when Sartre’s drama seemed to be the piece de resistance - shown everywhere, discussed endlessly. A-level French text in English schools at that time I understand, and so very worthy too.

Shame [REVIEW]


Addiction is defined as the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice, or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming. In the new movie, Shame, the addiction is sex, and Brandon Sullivan can not get enough of it.

Do You Really Know About the Bird?

Surfin Bird Cover

The other day, a friend, joking around, sang, "A-well a everybody knows, about the bird..." to which I replied, "A well a-bird bird bird, bird is the word." Though I knew all the words, I couldn't even remember the name of the band, let alone what kind of bird they're referring to.

The Artist [REVIEW]

The Artist

If you are looking to have a different cinema experience, one you have never had before, then go and see The Artist.

A Year of Viral Silliness

The Force Volkswagen Spot

Seeing the recaps of the best viral videos of last year made us realise we'd missed one or two things. So now we've watched them all, and we pick a few of the best from the 'Best of' lists.

Stuff This in Your Stocking

Nutcracker Julia Freeman Woolpert

Just in case you find yourself reaching for conversation and/or looking to impress at some point in the next few days, we prepare you with 10 random facts about the holiday season.