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An Instinct For Kindness

Chris Larner

When asked to review this new play, my heart sank. Even an upbeat person with a sunny disposition can't help but shrink back when being faced by a drama based on a man named Chris Larner who helps his wife die in Switzerland, one of the 190 Brits to have chosen the Dignitas option.

Sundance Comes to London

Robots Of Brixton

Started by Robert Redford in 1978, The Sundance Film Festival has grown to become one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world. Held every January in Park City, Utah, the film festival is a showcase for new films from around the globe, and is now coming to London for the very first time.

Mirror Mirror [REVIEW]

Lane And Roberts In Mirror Mirror

There once was a princess called Snow White, who lived in a castle with her evil stepmother who tried to kill her. If you think that you have heard this story before, yes you have. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is one of the best classic fairy tales of all time. In theatres now is a brand new telling of the story: Mirror Mirror.

Hay Fever [REVIEW]

Hay Fever Image

The Bliss family is not your average family. The mother, Judith, was in her heyday a well-known actress; now she is just fading. Her husband, David, a novelist, appears to be oblivious to his family. Their two children, Sorel and Simon, are spoiled and unwilling to leave the family's nest. Throw in some visitors one rainy weekend and all sorts of mayhem ensues.