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When Dr Dre Had Tea at Downing Street

David Cameron Meets

David Cameron and gangsta rap are two things you wouldn't expect to find in the same sentence, let alone the same building. But, just occasionally, truth defies expectation. The PM, it has emerged, recently played host to Dr Dre – heavyweight producer, mentor to Eminem, and one-time member of hip-hop collective Niggaz Wit Attitudes (NWA), whose hits include Straight Outta Compton and Fuck tha Police.

The Rolling Stones – Review

Rolling Stones Money Machine Still

You come to a Rolling Stones 50th anniversary gig expecting an event. But you don't necessarily come expecting eventfulness. Spontaneity is not on the set list when any band is working arenas, and that is compounded, like interest, for an outfit with the gimlet-eyed professionalism of the Stones.

Trailer Trash

Michael Jackson with the Reagans

Although it's very hard to tell at this stage when I haven't yet seen everything, but I'm feeling awards season may have a lighter hue this year.

This Week's New Films

Digital Video Recording

It's been billed as Badlands meets Nuts In May, but what separates this English country killing spree from its influences is its finely tuned sense of humour, which owes more to Alan Partridge or Edgar Wright.