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Paradise Street (in the Crypt)

Paradise Street Futures Theatre Co

This is theatre with a big difference: a very different location and a very different theme. Not for anyone, I admit, but for people who want to experience a true story in true surroundings and to understand so much better what the Second World War really meant for Londoners, this is an excellent play.

Eric Sykes Obituary


Although he first came to fame as a writer for radio, the comic actor Eric Sykes, who has died aged 89, was fascinated – almost to the point of obsession – with silence.

Summer 2012 Films

The Dark Knight Rises

Films to be released this summer offer something for everyone: kids, adults, sequels, 3D, and a talking bear. Here are some of the highlights:

Fast Girls [REVIEW]

Fast Girls

In the new film Fast Girls, 22-year-old Shania Andrews is a poor girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Her mother is dead, and her father walked out on her and her sister when they were little. They live with their aunt and her children in a small, crowded council flat. Shania, however, is blessed with a special talent, the talent to run very fast.

The Genius of Aaron Sorkin (Repeated)

The Cast Of The West Wing

We love him. It's true. So we loved seeing his excellent lines repeated through A Few Good Men, The American President, The West Wing, The Social Network, The Newsroom, et al.