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This Week's New Films

Digital Video Recording

It's over five hours long in all, but there's barely a slack moment in this exhilarating Indian epic as it races through generations of smalltown criminal, industrial and political enmity.

Liza Minnelli – Review

Liza Minnelli Cabaret 1972

"Hi, everybody!" squeaked the familiar voice of Liza Minnelli as she stepped on to the stage of the Royal Festival Hall for the first time in exactly 40 years.

Arbitrage – review

Report Tick Boxes

A swaggering master of the universe has been cooking the books at his hedge fund, while playing away from home with a dangerous dame.

A Chorus Line [Review]

One Manuel Harlan

"One singular sensation, everything little breathe he takes, one singular sensation every move that he makes." Yes, this is one of the most famous lines in musical theatre. It is from A Chorus Line, which just opened up at The Palladium Theatre.