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Georges Moustaki Obituary


Georges Moustaki, the Egyptian-born French singer-songwriter who provided the lyrics for Edith Piaf's international 1958 hit Milord, has died at his home on the French Riviera, aged 79. Famed for his repertoire of simple romantic ballads, Moustaki wrote in the region of 300 songs, many of them performed by a galaxy of much-loved Gallic stars, including Yves Montand, Juliette Greco, Pia Colombo, and Tino Rossi.

The Hangover Part III – review

The Hangover Part II

They probably won't be putting "not as offensively racist as the last one" on the poster, but that's about as much praise as the (hopefully) final instalment of the blokey comedy franchise merits.

Mick McManus Obituary


Mick McManus, who has died aged 93, was billed at just 1.68m (5ft 6in) and 79kg (12½ stone), yet he was among the most powerful men in the professional wrestling business in Britain.